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Why should you use mylivesearch?

Because MyLiveSearch gives you more than other major (historic) search engines.

To understand this you first need to understand how the old historic search engines operate.

With current leading search engines, you are seeing the web as it WAS and on THEIR terms.

Currently, major search engines in the market place rely on a finite physical system of thousands of computers. These visit and revisit as many websites as they can and index them from snippets of information mostly based on web page titles, meta tags and small amounts of text. Because the web is so huge, constantly changing and growing so fast, they can never keep up with what is actually there using current systems.

They also introduce subjective bias to their rankings by giving sites a higher search position based on its popularity or the links that lead to them. In essence they are taking your search terms (what you actually want to know) and sending you back what they think you want to know based on the limited information they collect. So when a request is made at any particular time, it will be subjective to popularity algorithms and ranked accordingly.

Other so called "Live" engines: Perception rather than facts

In recent times, there have been claims by other search engines of being "live". This can be contributed to more of a marketing ploy as a point of difference, rather than real time searching of the web. Yet, these engines do not offer results available to the second due to information being stored in a database, which is updated as often and when they can using their finite computer systems to do so. This is later retrieved when required, therefore is historic.

How conventional search engines work.

Why do we refer to leading existing search engines as "historic"?

We don't do this to be nasty but because this describes the way they operate - on history. There are obvious problems with this that affect the quality of your searches as mentioned below:

1. You can only see history. They can only see a site as it was when they last visited and this could be hours, days or months ago rather than how it is NOW. (You can check this yourself by clicking on Cache on any other search engines result to see when the information was last updated).

2. You only see a small part of the web. Because the web is so huge and growing so fast, other major search engines use a finite physical system of computers that can only sample about 20% of it.

3. You cannot see dynamic pages. These are pages generated at the visitors request (typically in merchant sites). It is estimated there are about 500 times more dynamic pages on the web than static pages which make up the majority of the web.

4. Your search is limited by bias. Since the amount of information stored from sites by other search engines is based on fairly simple criteria. Leading search engines seek to be more appealing to users by giving higher rankings to sites that are more popular. This bias does not mean that the information in these is necessarily the most relevant to your search and can actually prevent you seeing information that is more relevant.

Use MyLiveSearch to turbo charge your existing search engine or use it as a powerful stand alone system that will take you further, faster and deeper into exactly the information you want.

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