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What are the issues with conventional search engines and how they operate?

Since the inception of search engines almost 10 years ago, the nuts and bolts of the technology applied then is fundamentally the same as used today even though there has been significant improvement during this period. The infrastructure of the technology was to build an array of servers to crawl the web and filter the information that has been indexed in their servers. When a request is made at any particular time, it will be subjective to popularity algorithms and then ranked accordingly.

How current is the information stored (indexed) in a conventional search engine?
The information is only as current as when the site was last crawled by them, which could be days, weeks or months old.

How much of the web is indexed by conventional search engines?
As the internet has grown beyond human imagination, it is estimated to be over 70 billion pages and research has shown that at the utmost, only 20% of the visible pages is indexed by conventional search engines.

What about invisible pages (dynamically generated)?
Currently, conventional search engines are having difficulties to index the database of invisible pages as their spiders cannot predict or guess the requested search.

How much content is there available of invisible pages on the web?
It is estimated that the invisible web is over 500 times bigger than the visible web. Therefore, this makes up the majority of the entire world wide web.

How does MyLiveSearch overcome the issues encountered by conventional search engines?

1. Your computer becomes the search engine and is under your control. Through our super-spider technology, information is retrieved in real time, live as it appears now on the web and relevant to your query. MyLiveSearch will then return a multitude of results that are not subjective and bias by popularity ranking algorithms as they were not index by conventional search engines.

2. From an initial starting point(s) your super-spider will then search onwards and further for information that is available NOW. Crawling through infinite number of web sites, retrieving results relevant to your search within seconds.

3. Access majority of invisible pages with specific custom results to your query and any other relevant fringing web sites which may also provide you more richer results.

Do I have to use any particular starting point to initiate MyLiveSearch?
The answer is no. The choice is yours as you are the search engine and in control on how to conduct your search. You can either choose any of the conventional search engine databases or use your favourite websites or bookmarks.

What occurs after initiating MyLiveSearch with a conventional search engine as a starting point?

When you insert your query in the search box your computer will almost instantly take over and start searching in real time for other relevant information from your starting point and will conduct a live search. What else is out there beside the top 10 results from a conventional search engine as you would normally search which is relevant to your query. Most of the time within seconds MyLiveSearch will return a multitude of results that are richer more detailed and are not subjective and bias by popularity ranking algorithms and may not be indexed by conventional search engines. MyLiveSearch will most likely find websites you probably never knew existed with relevant information to your search.

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